Acknowledgements and Resources

Information, technology, books, and help to build this site and gather the information.

See my blog post about getting started with this project [eventually will incorporated into this site]

The Meetup group MaptimeLA led me to the tools to make this site and provided help along the way. They also have worked on another historical restaurant mapping site Los Angeles resaurants.

LA restaurants, history

Charles Perry, President of Culinary Historians of California. Charles also suggested I expand on his list of Croatian run restaurants, hence this website.

Los Angeles Public Library, History and Genealogy Department and on-line resources

Los Angeles City Archives

The website Chronicling America. US News Map—Searchable Newspaper Archives—People and City Directory Searching (pay)

Eterovich who wrote numerous articles about Croatians in the West

Cousin Ana—Croatian name recognition

Web and Mapping Technology

Stackoverflow and Two related websites where people answer questions mostly related to implementing software. Searching on the site helped me many times and most of my questions were answered or got me pointed in the right direction.

Nick Gauthier's blog post, PostGIS and Rails: A Simple Approach. Got me started with PostGIS, a geographic add on to PostgreSQL. Although I now know I could have done this site without PostGIS, PostgreSQL alone can handle the geographic needs of this site.

The web building software Ruby on Rails for data driven sites. Makes it relatively easy to provide the complex links on many of these pages.

Michael Hartl, Ruby on Rails Tutorial—Third Edition. Great thorough introduction. My only complaint is he builds an authentication system which is probably something a beginner/intermediate shouldn't build.

Regina O. Obe and Leo S. Hsu, PostGIS in Action, Second Edition. Trivia coincidence alert: the cover features a drawing of a woman in mid-nineteenth-century traditional clothing from Ubli, Croatia. Many of the restauranteurs covered here are from Brač about 50km away.

David Bryant Copeland, Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap

Barrett Austin Clark, Data Visualization Toolkit: Using JavaScript, Rails, and Postgres to Present Data and Geospatial Information. Important when I was moving into creating the maps.

Other technical

Ruby on Rails,Postgres and the app for OSX, QGIS

Numerous great gems, and the following diagram produced with the Rails ERD gem. At this writing some of the fields were for testing and trials and need to be removed. And "year" is usually shown as "connection" in most places. Erd