Address (Restaurant and Residental)

ID: 134

Address: 29 Mott Market (* Geocoded to current location.)

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Longitude: -118.2442

Latitude: 34.0518

Coords: Locked

How geocoded: 27–31 S Main. Look at 1886-7 directory photos. Mott is mentioned with an address. Used 1888 Sanborn

Extant: Gone

Current description:


Notes: THIS ADDRESS IS A DUPLICATE—DECIDE WHICH ONE TO USE. 1888 Los Angeles City Directory. p856 Restaurant section for Bielopero, Nat. Viuch & Lessovich

Updated: October 24, 2016 22:07

Who worked or lived here:

  1. 1 Sep 1887: N Vuich. Proprietor. Restaurant. Details Edit
  2. 1 Sep 1887: John N Bielopero. Proprietor. Restaurant. Details Edit
  3. 1 Sep 1887: Nicholas Lessevich. Proprietor. Restaurant. Details Edit

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