331 N Main St, Los Angeles

Address, City State: 331 N Main St, Los Angeles CA (* Geocoded to current location.)

Longitude, Latitude: -118.240985, 34.05494

Coords: Locked

How geocoded:

Extant: Gone

Current description:

File basename on computer: 1903 Los Angeles City Directory. p941. John Novakovich

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Notes deprecated: Restaurant section has 'John Novakovich, 331 N Main St ' so it's a restaurant and not (just?) a bakery.

Who worked or lived here:

  1. 1 Sep 1902: John Novakovich. Co-proprietor. Restaurant. Boston Bakery Details Edit
  2. 1 Sep 1903: John Novakovich. Proprietor. Restaurant. Boston Bakery and Restaurant Details Edit

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Caption: John Novakovich, 331 N Main St; John Novakovich (M Mastinich & Co) propr Boston Bakery, 321 N Main St