127 N Main St (Mott Market), Los Angeles

Address, City State: 127 N Main St (Mott Market), Los Angeles CA (* Geocoded to current location.)

Longitude, Latitude: -118.2442, 34.0514

Coords: Locked

How geocoded: Manually to line up with Baist 1921 Mott Market

Extant: Gone

Current description:


Notes deprecated: Copy to above field Other directories are unclear on the address for Mott Market and this address is probably after the numbers changed for N Main.

Who worked or lived here:

  1. 1 Sep 1889: Nicholas Lessevich. Co-proprietor. Restaurant. Vuich, Lessovich & Bielopero Details Edit

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File basename on computer: 1890–1 Los Angeles and Orange County Business Directory (WM Pearsall). p263. Mott Market.jpg

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