Florio Antunovich Working at a Restaurant

Date: 1 Sep 1898, Person ID: 25, Location ID: 16

Florio Antunovich is a Proprietor at

316 N Main St, Los Angeles which is a restaurant named "Queen Restaurant".

Source at AWS: http://crores.s3.amazonaws.com/1890%E2%80%939%20Los%20Angeles%20City%20Directories/1899%20Los%20Angeles%20City%20Directory.%20Restaurants%20A%E2%80%93H.%20p1123.jpg

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1898-05-18 Restaurant Men's Quarrel. C. Florlo Antonovich yesterday sued Florlio Antonovich and John Jangrovlch, his partners, for an accounting, the dissolution of the partnership of Antonovich & Co., restaurateurs, at 316 North Main Street, ln the establishment known as the Queen restaurant, and for the appointment of a receiver. On March 5 plaintiff was fired bodily out of the place by his par ners because he wanted to have a settlement and since then he has been kept out. He claims that they are about to move to the Klondike and fears that they will keep all the money and dispose of the property without giving him anything.

Based on 1906 International Directory of Los Angeles. Slavonian. p1090. I changed the spelling to Antunovich from Antonovich.

The first paragraph above clarifies that there is a C Florio and a Florio. C Florio is not in 1906 International Directory of Los Angeles. Slavonian. p1090

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Queen Restaurant. 1890 Los Angeles County Directory. p279 & 369. Tel 456. 1892-01-31. QUEEN RESTAURANT, St. Charles Building, 316 N. Main St. This well-known restaurant has passed into the hands of Nicholas Mercadante, who will hereafter conduct it.
In 1902/3, the Queen Restaurant was at 311 N Main St


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