Jack (aka James/John/Giacomo) Marietich Working at a Restaurant

Date: 1 Sep 1889, Person ID: 41, Location ID: 18

Jack (aka James/John/Giacomo) Marietich is a Proprietor at

322 N Main St, Los Angeles .




Registered to vote on Aug. 2, 1884, born Austria, Age 38 
Is this Andrew (Sr.)'s brother? 
Jack Marietich was born in Milna, Island of Brac, Croatia about 1840.  After relocating to Los Angeles, and establishing himself as a storekeeper and restaurant proprietor he decided to marry in 1880.  His wife was Rose Garcia, the 18 year old daughter of the San Fernando Garcias.  Jack and his bride spent the next eleven months in Europe, four of which were in his home village of Milna.  The Marietichs had a son, James, who studied medicine and eventually became director of the Los Angeles Fire Department Rescue Squad.  Jack passed away in 1908. [http://www.croatia.org/crown/croatians/www.croatians.com/BIOGRAPHY-AMERICA-K-R.htm]


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