Jerry (Jeremiah) Illich ’s Residence

Date: 1 Sep 1899, Person ID: 48, Location ID: 28

Jerry (Jeremiah) Illich is a Resident at

1018 S Hill St, Los Angeles Residence



Connection (deprecated) Two listings in residential section. One for Jerry, the other for the restaurant. Matching the addresses gives the name. John Illich also has a listing for his restaurant, but not residence


Came to US approx 1870–1875. Citizen by Aug 1875
DoB approx from 1880 Census. Jeremiah seems rare. What year was that. Later was always Jerry. Unless really a different person. Registered to vote: Feb. 29, 1884, Age 31, Naturalized:  Santa Clara County. 1903 Los Angeles City Directory. p647. "Nellie (Wid Jeremiah) h 1018 S Hill" which lines up with DoD
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Caption: Jeremiah Illich, restaurant, 219 W 3rd St, r 1018 S Hill St. Illich's Restaurant 219 W 3rd St



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