Jerry (Jeremiah) Illich Working at a Restaurant

Date: 1891 Sep 1

Name on Reference Document: is a Proprietor at

145-147 N Main St, Los Angeles which is a restaurant named "Illich's Restaurant".

JERRY ILLICH, prop Illichs Restaurant 145 and 147 N Main, r 144 N Main
John Illich, restaurant 214 N Main r Lanfranco blk
Illich's Restaurant, Jerry Illich prop 145 and 147 N Main
From 1892 Los Angeles City Directory and Gazetteer. p643

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Person (ID: 48):
Came to US approx 1870–1875. Citizen by Aug 1875
DoB approx from 1880 Census. Jeremiah seems rare. What year was that. Later was always Jerry. Unless really a different person. Registered to vote: Feb. 29, 1884, Age 31, Naturalized:  Santa Clara County. 1903 Los Angeles City Directory. p647. "Nellie (Wid Jeremiah) h 1018 S Hill" which lines up with DoD
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Supporting Doc(s): 1892 Los Angeles City Directory and Gazetteer. p643. Doc ID: 305 Click for supporting information on the document.
Document date: 1892 Jan 1

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