Arthur Laubach ’s Residence

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Date: 1 Sep 1905, Person ID: 12, Location ID: 211

Arthur Laubach is a Householder at

504 E 3rd St, Los Angeles Residence

Supporting Docs (ID): 1906 Los Angeles City Directory. p987 (67)



Arthur Laubach (Kristovich &  Laubach), h 504 E 3d.
Laubach is the householder at 504 E 3rd but Martin Kristovich listing says this is their restaurant address!
Restaurant listing (p2244) is:
Kristovich T M, 505 Central
Kristovich & Lanbach, 504 E 3d (This is Martin according to residential listing. Also a spelling error for Laubach [Laubach seems more likely and occurs in more places])
So Laubach is co-proprietor and lives at the restaurant. Martin Kristovich lives elsewhere



Address (deprecated): Kristovich & Laubach (Martin Kristovich, Arthur Laubach), restaurant 504 E 3rd


 Arthur Laubach (Kristovich &  Laubach), h 504 E 3d. sic on spelling Laubach
See p962 and p2244 which also makes this the location of the restaurant

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