Address (Restaurant and Residental)

ID: 153

Address: 316 Jackson (* Geocoded to current location.)

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Longitude: -118.2371

Latitude: 34.0496

Coords: Locked

How geocoded: QGIS against 1894 Sanborn Sheet 17a. Numbering was on north side of street. Couldn't find south side

Extant: Gone

Current description: Jackson gone. Block made bigger


Notes: 1896 Los Angeles City Directory, Marietich Andrew Old Queen Chop House 322 N Main. James Maison Doree. Hattie & Katie (wid A M) 316 Jackson.jpg

Updated: October 26, 2016 22:27

Who worked or lived here:

  1. 1 Sep 1895: Katie Marietich. Resident. Residence. Details Edit
  2. 1 Sep 1896: Andrew (Andreas, jr) Marietich. Resident. Residence. Details Edit

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