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Date: 18 May 1898, Person ID: 147

John Jangrovlch is a Co-proprietor at

316 N Main St, Los Angeles which is a restaurant named "Queen Restaurant".

Source: 1898-05-18 Los Angeles Herald

Source on web:

Notes for this connection: See 1898-05-22. Jangrovich and Antonovichs cont.png and 1898-06-21. Los Angeles Herald. Antonovich and Jangovich settled out of court.png for follow up to the following. C. Florlo Antonovich yesterday sued Florlo Antonovich and John Jangrovlch, his partners, for an accounting, the dissolution of the partnership of Antonovich & Co., restaurateurs, at 316 North MainStreet, ln the establishment known as the Queen restaurant,

Notes for the address: Queen Restaurant. 1890 Los Angeles County Directory. p279 & 369. Tel 456. 1892-01-31. QUEEN RESTAURANT, St. Charles Building, 316 N. Main St. This well-known restaurant has passed into the hands of Nicholas Mercadante, who will hereafter conduct it.

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